The Hooker
Deer Drag®

Dragging and loading has never been so easy.

See it in action

Not just an ordinary deer drag!


Easily attaches to antlered or non-antlered deer. No complicated rigging required!


Keeps the weight of your deer on the ground thus lowering the overall effort required to drag.


Large handles with a padded foam grip accomodate thick gloves and minimize the stress on your hands while dragging your deer.


Made of solid 3/8 inch diameter steel and powder coated in either Hunter Orange or Neon Pink.


Allows for dragging your deer over various terrain and is designed to aid in loading your deer into a truck bed or trailer.

Made in the USA

Proudly made in the USA by local manufacturers.

So simple to use.

Step 1: Hook

Hook to an antlered deer by cinching the supplied straps around the antlers then insert the hooks through the loops in the straps.

Hook to a non-antlered deer by making a small incision between the tendon and the bone of both rear legs then insert the hooks through the incisions.

Step 2: Drag

Ensure that the tips of the hooks are facing upward and begin dragging your deer.

You can also enlist the help of one of your buddies and drag in tandem (each of you carrying one hook) for larger deer or when dragging up steep inclines.

Step 3: Load

Lay the handles of the deer drags against the rear of your truck bed then enter the bed. Reach down and grasp the handles then lift up and walk backwards towards the front of your truck till the deer has been loaded.

Hear what our customers are saying.

Steve Hutt
Easiest pull we have had since we were pups. Great product! Buy one. It works.
Austin F.Sunman, IN
The Hooker Deer Drag® allowed me to pull a doe over fallen trees and through briar patches even though I had knee surgery 2 months earlier.
Kevin A.Milan, IN
The Hooker Deer Drag® works great on any large game. I just hook up and drag with ease.
Scott G.Sunman, IN
I would recommend the Hooker Deer Drag® to any serious deer hunter.
Tim M.Okeanna, OH
I will never deer hunt again without the Hooker Deer Drag® by my side.